Everyone is different. What will work for you and your company will not suit others. We have divided our services into the sections below. However, this is only a guide and we will be delighted to prepare a customised schedule to suit your needs.

As an example, you may be best served by the following:

  • two half-day Group Training sessions to get you up to speed with the tools you need, followed by
  • a full day of Project Coaching where we work with you to apply your new knowledge to create your own system, topped off with
  • a month of On Call Problem Solving where we are at hand to help you with any problems or modifications you wish to make to the system as you start to use it.


Our baseline pricing is £150 per hour.

Half days (four hours or more) are discounted at 10%. Full days (8 hours or more) are discounted at 20%. 

On call problem solving is charged in blocks of 12 minutes.

Please contact us for quotes on large projects.

Opportunity Identification

We work with you to help identify the areas where we can create value. We will use our knowledge and experience to identify which business problems will provide the biggest returns and advise you on what is achievable.


Project Coaching

This is our most popular service. We work with you to identify specific projects where systematization will be of value. We then coach you through the project helping with overall strategy, the techniques and knowhow you will need, and helping remove errors and bugs.

By the end you will have both a working project and a full understanding of its inner detail. As time goes by, and requirements change, you will be able to update your own project yourself. No more raising support tickets and being charged extortionate update fees.

See our cases studies.

System Creation

Regular reports, integrated systems, mass company-wide mailings? We create the system and save you hours of time and stress every month.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Life is short and it is often easier to get someone in and get the job done.

We will discuss your requirements, and advise on what can be systematized and what savings you might expect. 

Group Training

Ideally suited for groups up to 8, our group training will cover essential elements of systematizing your business.

We teach you how to efficiently use Microsoft 365 and the “Power Platform” (like PowerBI, PowerQuery and PowerAutomate). These courses are designed to open your eyes to the possibilities that can be achieved and to provide unique insights into how best to use these tools – if you want a bland how-to, there is always YouTube. 

The training is divided into courses, each course split into modules of increasing depth and difficulty. There is no one-size-fits-all here – you can choose the modules that will fit your business needs.

On Call Problem Solving

There is nothing worse than being one small bug away from the most amazing solution. Rather than spending hours trying to find the solution, we provide a quick response problem-solving service.

For a monthly retainer of £250 we will be on call to answer your questions. The retainer will provide you with three hours of consultation (a 33% saving), after which time will be charged at our usual hourly rate.


Our objective is to teach you techniques which have real world application and enable your work to be fast, accurate, and headache free. Unlike many courses we do not try to cover the complete lexicon of the products we use, but focus those areas which provide practical results. We hold ourselves to the four Rs, real-world, rapid, robust and reproducible.

Real World

Excel provides almost 500 functions, Word has a myriad of features you never need, and the rest are just as complicated.

Our training reflects this reality – rather than trying to cover every nuance of the system, we focus on the key aspects which will put you ahead in the real-world.


Computers can calculate things a thousand times faster than a person, yet most users fail to use this speed, dragging their computer down to their human level, rather than letting it run free.

We focus on creating systems which maximise the amout of work the computer does and leaves you more time to be human.


How many times have you created a report, sent it to your boss, and have them complain about the vast sea of errors (e.g. #REFs and #N/As) they are now looking at?

We know all about the common pitfalls which cause results to change or disappear and will teach techniques which will make your work robust* and trouble free.

* but not necessarily completely idiot proof, we are not magicians.


The dreaded monthly update, nothing much has changed, but it’s still hours of work to import, review, tweak, check, fill, pivot etc before finally presenting the report.

We teach the techniques for creating systems which can be updated with the minimum of fuss.

“Could-you-just update …” really will become a quick job, and not a full day wasted.