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Get the most out of your digital technology without overspending on new software!

What you get from working with us

Our focus is on your business processes which provide the highest opportunity for improvement. We identify where quantifiable improvements are possible, and use this to inform decision making.

Don’t get dragged into buzzword solutions like big data, predictive analytics, and AI without first addressing how these will provide real value to you.

Your Business Intelligence is unique to your company. A generic system cannot provide the insights that a bespoke system, created by you, can provide. 

With the tools you have, you can curate data from all of your systems, combine and analyse it to drive your business forward.

By giving your people the right knowledge and understanding you will not only have a more engaged workforce but will find business problems being proactively solved as they occur. 

Patching problems with new software does the opposite – removing agency and making everything the software’s fault.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every problem can be solved with another license. 

Your existing systems represent a significant investment and are familiar to your people.

Replacing these systems will be costly and disruptive, and may not be justified by the marginal gains achieved.

We work with what you have, providing clear benefits without replacing the whole.

See our case study on adding a dashboard to a legacy system.

Supposedly “integrated” systems sound attractive but can bring more problems than they solve.

Moving to an integrated system disrupts you business, requires you to compromise on features, denies you access to separate best-of-breed systems, and the integration is often not as complete as you would have hoped. 

With the right skills in-house you can integrate your existing systems yourselves. Achieving the benefits of integration while maintaining business continuity. 

See our case study on System Integration.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. 

You want to be seen to go the extra step, react quicker, be more transparent, and provide better insights. 

By leveraging your technology and upskilling your people you will be best placed to achieve this. 

See our case study on budget tracking here.

By upskilling your people you make them agile and best able to adapt to the fast-changing modern world.

By understanding your business processes and how to adjust them means you can proactively create the future your business wants. 

How you Achieve this with Us

Opportunity Identification

We work with you to help identify the areas where we can create value. We will use our knowledge and experience to identify which business processes which will provide the biggest returns and advise you on what is achievable. 

Project Coaching

We work with you to address a specific business opportunity, you complete the solution in half the time while we provide coaching on all the tools and techniques you need to implement it.

System Creation

We scope out the specification for a new way of working and provide a working system to the specification. We will also identify and document the areas where you will be able to maintain the system to keep it current without hiring a specialist.

Group Training

Pick and choose from our courses to boost the productivity of your team. Learn how to use Microsoft 365 and the PowerPlatform more efficiently.

Problem Solving

There is nothing worse than being stuck and having no one to turn to. Rather than spending hours searching the internet for the solution, we provide an on-demand problem-solving service.

Don’t get stuck, give us a call today!

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What others are saying

From our Video Tutorials

About Your Coach

Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man; he is sure to find an easy way of doing it.
Walter Chrysler
(also Frank B. Gilbreth, Bill Gates, and the ever reliable Anon)

I’m Simon Maller, and I am allergic to wasting my time on repetitive tasks.

For as long as I can remember I would look at a task and immediately think of how I could do it in the easiest way possible.

As a child, I would invent various labour-saving devices – with varying levels of success. At Cambridge University I worked out how to log into the computer system in the Physics lab so I could run experiments from my room at 4 am.

After graduating I trained and qualified as a Patent Attorney. One of the most mind-numbing tasks I was given was reviewing approximately 1000 patents every three months. This was back in the stone age so the patents were printed out and a large pile of paperwork would be my companion for the better part of a week.

So I created a system that would electronically retrieve all the required documents, check the documents for classifications and keywords, then cross-reference them with documents reviewed in previous quarters. One week turned into one day. This meant I was able to pass on a now un-poisoned chalice and move on to other things.

This started me on the path of programming and systems development. While still working as a patent attorney for a growing firm I created:

  • a performance management dashboard for the fee earners summarising data such as time in office, amount invoiced, write down, etc. (replacing a manual report which took days to prepare);
  • a holiday allocation system which ensured that key clients would always have an attorney (familiar with their portfolio) available to answer their queries;
  • expenditure tracking systems which ensured that large projects did not exceed budget; and
  • most significantly, a patent analytics system that reviewed large numbers of patents.

This last system was used to review 150,000 “Standard Essential Patents” (or SEPs). The data in this system was used, amongst other things, in a major UK court case which went from the High Court all the way to the Supreme Court.

The one thing I learned in all this is how much time (and money) is left on the table when people do not take complete advantage of their computing resources.

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